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100% Pure All Natural Pork Lard 1 lb. 16 oz. one pound ZUXMBTTDT



Availability: In Stock

Rendered From 100% Pure All Nature Pork Suet, The Best Grade of Pork Fat Available100% Pure, No Additives or Preservatives, Gluten FreeIdeal for Making Soaps, Skin Creams, Frying, Sautéing, Roasting, Grilling & Baking

Rendered organic pork lard 1 Pound (16 scaled ounces), Unsurpassed quality- very waxy, odorless and pale. Pure Rendered Premium lard from the kidney fat (suet) of Organic raised is the only lard we offer. Fresh and Odorless, perfect For Cooking; Soap Making; Candle Making or Hand Made Cosmetics. Our Pure Pork Lard has not been bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated or altered. It's 100% pure, nothing added. Packed in food safe container, you get 1# of pure organic lard that's easy to measure and use It has a high smoke point of 400o (F) which makes it an excellent choice for all types of cooking including frying, sautéing, roasting, pan searing, grilling or baking. Pork Lard is highly stable and so refrigeration isn't required. We do recommend keeping it refrigerated if you have the space as it keeps it fresher longer and extends the product life.

100% Pure All Natural Pork Lard 1 lb. 16 oz. one pound ZUXMBTTDT

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