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2 Pack Dingo Dental Sticks 30 count GUNHVROPW



Availability: In Stock

Real Chicken and Rawhide with the Power of Baking Soda. Whitens Dogs Teeth Removes Tartar And Plaque.The irresistible flavor of real chicken inside each stick gives your dog a delicious treat, while the chewing action gives teeth a thorough cleaning by removing tartar and plaque build-upProven To Reduce Tartar Buildup And Remove Plaque. Delicious Blend of Premium Rawhide and Chicken Jerky. Parsley Is Included to Aid in Fresh Breath.Dog's natural chewing action of dingo dental sticks scrubs your dog's teeth clean while massaging gums for good oral health and fresher breathTwo Pack Bundle Includes 30 sticks per pack for 60 total dental sticks.

Made with real chicken Reduces tartar buildup due to the abrasive action of chewing Snack for all dogs

2 Pack Dingo Dental Sticks 30 count GUNHVROPW

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