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34-Ounce Large Copper Water Bottle 100% Copper Ayurvedic Water Drinking Vessel EQXFMMSCM



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ALL COPPER: All copper materials including lid; no rubber or plastic touches your waterAYURVEDIC: Drinking from copper is considered a special practice in Hindu ayurvedic traditionSCREW-ON LID: Copper screw-on lid with silicone gasketSIZE: 10 inches tall; 3 inches diameter; mouth is 2 inches; CAPACITY: 34 ounces = 4.25 cups = 1000 milliliters

34-Ounce Copper Water Bottle in the Ayurvedic Tradition

Go back to a simpler time before plastic and silicone and rubber when faith in ayurvedic tradition was very strong. This is a 100% copper water bottle in the ayurvedic tradition. It is crafted traditionally by artisans without fake coatings, plastic or metal additives. Drinking water from a copper vessel is intended to balance the three doshas in your body--vata, kapha and pitta. Crafted in India.

Tips on using:

Fill with water and let sit 6-8 hours for the benefits.

Ayurvedic tradition recommends drinking once in the morning and once in the evening. Tradition also recommends drinking for three months and then taking a one month break from using the copper water bottle.

Disclaimer: This is not a sports water bottle. It is meant to keep on your desk or table to drink water from as a health tonic. It is not a leakproof bottle as it is made of traditional materials. It is not intended for use for beverages besides water.

Cleaning: Natural copper can start getting black spots due to “oxidation”. Here are tips on cleaning your bottle. [Your bottle traveled from India by sea, and the sea air probably created some new oxidation].

Traditional Cleaning Method: To clean the inside of your bottle, mix either 2 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice with 1 tablespoon salt. Add 1 cup of water. Pour into your bottle, and shake well. Pour out, then rinse bottle. To clean the outside of your bottle, dissolve 1 T. salt, in 2 T. vinegar or lemon juice. Rub all over the bottle with a cotton ball. Then wash with water. Variation: Use 1 tablespoon baking soda instead of salt. Always dry the outside of your bottle right away to avoid water spots.

34-Ounce Large Copper Water Bottle 100% Copper Ayurvedic Water Drinking Vessel EQXFMMSCM

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