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Vermont Village Organic Cinnamon Applesauce 4-Pack 16-Ounce Pack of 12 SIMYIGIYJ



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Our Vermont-grown applesauce is made the old-fashioned way with select, fresh fruit from Vermont farmers that follow good agricultural practices. There is no sugar, no preservatives and no additives. Vermont Village has been certified as an organic processor since 1996 and happily supports farming practices that respect the land and the food that is grown on it. Our certified organic applesauces and apple butters are made from the freshest, highest quality fruits grown using no chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides or herbicides. When Vermont Village started, we gathered apples from nearby homestead orchards – finding forgotten “heirlooms” in our neighboring hills and pastures. Much of our fruit grew wild and untended, so it made sense to let its natural character and taste shine through. Today we carry that same philosophy through and do as little as possible to the fruit. We make our applesauce the old fashioned way, cooking whole apples in small kettles, including the cores and skins, allowing the fruit to stew in its own juices and capturing all its taste and nutrients. There is no water or sugar added. Nobody else makes it the way we do. The result is a delicious, healthy treat that you and your family can enjoy any time.

Vermont Village Organic Cinnamon Applesauce 4-Pack 16-Ounce Pack of 12 SIMYIGIYJ

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